Lighting Replacements

LED performance is going up due to technology gains and better LED system integration.
LED costs are coming down due to manufacturing and packaging improvements.

Go beyond the bulb and use linear lighting for easy fluorescent replacement.

LED is an easy fluorescent replacement

Replace with an
Individual Linear LED Light

  • Smaller, low-profile fixtures
  • Choice of style and level of brightness in various white color temperatures
  • 24 Volt for use with wall adapter or wire to onboard power
  • Better appearance, nice light distribution and quality ingredients

Replace with a
Linear LED Track Kit

  • All the features and benefits of individual linear LED light
  • Complete kit for easy assembly
  • Easy addition of LED Spot Lights to any Track Kit
  • Connect kits for longer spans and angled use

Califia Lighting is designed and built for long term use across multiple projects. Lights are UL certified with documentation for additional certifications. Click below to see what works for your application.